Avants (ah-vants plural) of Avant (ah-vant singular) form meaning "the ahead".


Very little is known of the origins of the Avants, TheDiaryOfZ talks much about an orphaned Avant Xen in the human world, it also theorizes that the concept of Avanthood was prophesied by an early ancient Preperciba.

Mission Edit

The Avant mission was abbreviated to 3A "Awaken, Align and Advance".

List of known Avants Edit

  1. Novant
  2. Aeimein
  3. Baajaroe
  4. Modjula
  5. Fausight
  6. Alufanas
  7. Xen
  8. Gendrum
  9. Elarech
  10. Yumiliti
  11. Alfheim
  12. D'lusif
  13. Diagonal
  14. Leitmoteef
  15. Apahrteef
  16. Rifustreem
  17. Wahyir
  18. Metadahta
  19. Oneyi
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