Beings (plural) of Being (Noun), meaning "medium of propagation". Beings are entities that serve as a medium of propagation for any form of energy. Beings are commonly utilized for any form of communication across dimensions. Beings support two way channel of energy flow across dimensions however, they cannot support dual energy flow simultaneously across the same dimension. (example: A being employed for communication across 2 dimensions cannot receive and transmit energy at the same time, it would need to complete transmitting before it can begin receiving)

Being Overload:

Origins Edit

All Beings are comprised of primarily two components the "Spirit" and the "Anti-Spirit". The type of Being depends on the composition of the Spirit & the Anti-Spirit. Beings will always try to form pairs or conjugates, as pairs or conjugates are more sustainable for advancement. "Being Conjugates" are mutually inclusive and can form complex multi-dimensional structures like chains,meshes or fabrics.

Types of Beings Edit

There are currently 8 known types of beings

  1. Imaginary Beings
  2. Living Beings
  3. Spiritual Beings
  4. Manifested Beings
  5. Object Beings
  6. Energy Beings
  7. Protean Beings
  8. Indiscernible Beings

List of known Being Conjugates Edit

  1. 1ntBeing & 0thBeing (One-th Being & Oath Being)
  2. 8th & Auct8 (InfinAte & OctAte)
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