Items (Plural) Item (Singular) are entities that provide some form of utility. The Dehrai believed in the existence of Items that were created by the Avants. Beings have the ability to identify and decipher the workings of an item, they went about documenting the various items and how they could be used in everyday life.

Types of Items Edit

  1. Formed Items: Items that have some defined and fixed form/shape. There are different categories of items depending on their un-possessed forms/shapes.
    1. Orbs:
      1. Orb Of Fate
      2. Illusory Orb
    2. Stones:
      1. Ember Stone
    3. Apparition
      1. Ghost of Oblivion
      2. Spectre of Oblivion
      3. Guru
    4. Materialistic
      1. Cloak of Alufanas
      2. Chains of Attachment
      3. D'lusif White Packet
      4. Anvil of Clarity
      5. Sword of Truth
    5. Multi-Dimensional Items
      1. Spectrum of Gendrum
  2. Formless Items:
    1. Limitless
    2. Eyes of Speculation
  3. Amorphous Items:
    1. Seat of Wisdom
  4. Open Source Items:
    1. Searchable
    2. Mental-Merger
    3. Kombinator
    4. Modula of Preperciba
  5. Elemental Items

Item Creation Rules Edit

Item Properties Edit

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